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Futran Solutions always believe in working with great people, and on great products! Ruby on Rails and Python are two web application frameworks with React JS and AngularJs known for a quick and productive way to build dynamic multi-platform applications. Futran Solutions is a software development firm that connects companies with experienced developers.
With a solid expertise of web standard and strong skills in front-end techniques and web development framework such as MEAN Stack, AngularJS, Ember.js, CakePHP, ASP.net, Zend, Express, Ruby on Rails and React JS , Futran have the experience in building responsive web apps with rich user interactions. Save money, time, and frustration by finding designers with good UI/UX and CSS skills that follow BEM naming conventions with the right skills and real-world experience. Futran Solutions understand that every project has its own unique challenges and opportunities – technical restrictions, target users, mobile requirements, etc. – and you need a front end developer that can meet those challenges head-on.We have extensive experience in modern cloud-based RDBMS / AWS RDS and NoSQL databases technologies.

Functional Areas we support:

Web Application design

Web Application Development

Full-Stack Implementation

Interaction Design

Content Management (Drupal, Joomla ,Wordpress,Django CMS,Concrete5, Textpattern)

Web analytics (Google Analytic,Spring Metrics) and Digital Marketing


UI Development


MEAN Stack

Jobs we staff:

Full Stack Developer

UI Developer

UI/UX Developer

Front-End Developer

FrameWork Specialist

WordPress Developer

Software Developer

Front-End Designer

AngularJS Developer

Big Data Application Developer

C#/.NET/AngularJS Developer

ASP.NET with AngularJS Developer

DevOps with AngularJS Developer

Java with AngularJS Developer

AngularJS/NodeJS Developer

Lead Application Engineer

UI Architect

ReactJS Developer

MEAN Stack Developer

Ruby on Rails Software Developer

Principal Engineer

Sencha Touch with AngularJS Developer

ColdFusion Developer

ReactJS Engineer

ReactJS Developer

Python Full Stack Engineer

PHP Architect