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MEAN is a stable set of JavaScript frameworks that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. MEAN stack is used for building scalable, functional and agile applications promptly and efficiently. It is often applied for updating existing websites, making them more dynamic, productive and productive.  Each technology contributes its unique features to the whole set delivering a particularly powerful tool. We, at Futran Solutios, are well versed with each component of MEAN, which helps us with flexibility and the ease of development while creating best in class MEAN JavaScript-based applications according to our clients’ business needs. Our skilled team of MEAN Stack developers is capable of developing futuristic web and mobile applications which can add a winning advantage to the client’s business.

What is Mean stack?


MongoDB is literally the last word in NoSQL databases. It empowers businesses to achieve enhanced agility and scalability.

express js

A simplistic and flexible web application framework for Node.js, Express adds a robust feature-set that helps constructing web apps with one or more pages.

Angular adds on to thee existing HTML vocabulary for any application. The output is an environment that allows spontaneous development, stunning expression, and thorough readability.

node js

Node.js platform functions on the JavaScript of Chrome. It helps in the easy construction of scalable and fast network applications.


MongoDB Development

We are a trusted MongoDB Tech Partner having created multiple applications using MongoDB’s dynamic schema that has the ability to index data quickly along with auto-sharding. Our development reduces the complexities of traditional RDBMS and helps in building products faster.

Express.js Development

MEAN web development also comprises Express.js in its stack. Express.js is a minimal, flexible and quick Node.js web application framework. Express.js offers a wide-range of features for both web and mobile apps.

Angular Development

We have extensively used AngularJS for developing engaging and intuitive front-end interfaces with model-view-controller (MVC) capability and RESTful APIs. At the same time, we can develop highly interactive server-side applications with expressive UI using Java.

Node.js Development

Node.js shines in the world of real-time web applications deploying push technology over web sockets. Using Node.js’ asynchronous event-driven JavaScript programming, we build infinitely scalable, lightweight and high-performance applications with strong social and video integrations.



Node.js allows you to use JavaScript on the backend as well as the frontend which can save you from having to learn a separate language.

Open Source

MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications

Better Performance

Node.js is often flat-out faster. Node.js event-driven architecture is quicker. It offers better Performance.


Node JS and MongoDB stack in MEAN stack for handling security issues when there is large amount of traffic.


Managing MongoDB deployments with Cloud solutions saves you time, money, and guesswork in running the database.


MEAN-based apps allows you to write code for Node and then you can move it over AngularJS, with ease. This flexibility makes programming MEAN-based apps significantly easier.


The NoSQL nature of MongoDB allows you to quickly change and alter the data layer without having to worry about migrations


Node.js package manager, Npm, makes it even easier to share code, and the public repositories targeting Node.js are growing quickly.

Single Page Applications

AngularJS is used in MEAN Stack development with the goal of making single page web applications easier to build, test, and maintain.

Why Futran Solutions

Domain Expertise

Since we have in-house Mean Stack experts, we know what level of talent is required to solve diverse and complex industry problems.

Client Satisfaction

Futran Solution has consistently hit the gold standards when it comes to making clients happy with the sheer quality of talent.

Competitive rates

We charge the most genuine and scalable rates in IT consulting industry. Bank on us to preserve a bang for each buck. Call us to find out more.

Business focus

When delivering services, we place your business goal atop all other priorities. We create comprehensive solutions for each industry.

Engagement Model

To extend the most comprehensive mean stack personnel requirements to clients in diverse industries:


Our chief offices are located onshore for seamless engagement with clients in their suitable time zones. The head representatives of most departments are based onshore for smooth communication with clients.


For 24/7 service and testing functionality, we have development centers located in offshore time zones. This is a flexible model of engagement that enhances production capacity. This engagement model also works well for global products, wherein the QA and testing can be carried out from a number of geographies.

Near Shore

To suit the convenience of clients, the teams/vendors are located in concurrent/nearby time zones. This model works perfectly when clients need a match between time zones and low-cost development.

Fixed Price

The fixed price engagement model works well when the scope of work is predefined. Under this engagement model, the client service representative gives a fixed price after minutely studying the project requirements.

Time & Material

The time and material model of engagement works perfectly for long running projects where the scope of development may change during the development cycle of the project. For long-running projects, we try and allocate the same teams/resources to handle the project from start to finish to maintain consistency in deliveries and testing standards.