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Cyber Security



Futran Solutions offers permanent and comprehensive staffing in cyber security. The IT team carefully studies the business needs of our clients and gives them an elevated presentation of the kind of cyber security talent they deserve. Futran Solutions helps bring clients in alignment with their business objectives, making sure cyber assets are secure across the organization and beyond.   

Years of experience and industry leadership have helped Futran Solutions identify the right kind of talent that promise to safeguard client assets from regular as well as unforeseen risks.  

Our data security talent selection representatives work solely with cyber security staffing and bleeding edge tech with the singular goal of keeping your organization on top of industry trends.


Futran Solutions offers engineered solutions for the following Cyber Security needs:

Data Security

Data Security is a reference to protective measures for digital privacy which help in the prevention of unidentified or mala fide access to websites, databases, or computers. Prevention of data corruption is also an important part of data security.

Infrastructure and Cloud Security

Cloud and infrastructure security is about a broad set of policies, controls, and technologies that are deployed to protect applications, data, and the general infrastructure that supports cloud computing. Cloud security is viewed upon as a subdomain of information security.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile computing has made mobile security or mobile device security more important than ever before. Given that mobiles now store a gamut of personal and confidential information, the need for people who can handle security is at an all-time high.

Security Management

Security management is the identification of the assets of an organization. These assets include systems, machines, building, and information assets. The identification of assets is followed by the deployment, implementation, and documentation of procedures and policies of the protection of assets.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (commonly known as pen testing) is a procedure under which an authorized and simulated attack is launched on a computer system. Such procedures are carried out by designated individuals who have years of experience in fields such as security management and data security.

Why Futran Solutions

Domain expertise

Futran Solutions has been working with clients in the cyber security industry for a number of years now. We know what kind of talent is required by companies for their specific operations in cyber security.

Knowledge of Cybersecurity

Our technical team has thorough knowledge of cyber security protocols and keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry. This allows us to serve cyber security talent requirements better than our competitors.

Positive Client Feedback

The singular reason that separates Futran Solutions from a pack of other companies is the volume of positive client feedback that we have received in the past.

Competitve Rates

Futran Solutions provides services at the most competitive industry rates. We give you a clear picture of what you achieve against every unit of consulting cost.

Engagement Model

To extend the most comprehensive cyber security personnel requirements to clients in diverse industries:


Our chief offices are located onshore for seamless engagement with clients in their suitable time zones. The head representatives of most departments are based onshore for smooth communication with clients.


For 24/7 service and testing functionality, we have development centers located in offshore time zones. This is a flexible model of engagement that enhances production capacity. This engagement model also works well for global products, wherein the QA and testing can be carried out from a number of geographies.

Near Shore

To suit the convenience of clients, the teams/vendors are located in concurrent/nearby time zones. This model works perfectly when clients need a match between time zones and low-cost development.

Fixed Price

The fixed price engagement model works well when the scope of work is predefined. Under this engagement model, the client service representative gives a fixed price after minutely studying the project requirements.

Time & Material

The time and material model of engagement works perfectly for long running projects where the scope of development may change during the development cycle of the project. For long-running projects, we try and allocate the same teams/resources to handle the project from start to finish to maintain consistency in deliveries and testing standards.

Call or write to us today with your cyber security talent needs and a representative with be with you shortly.