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Our vision

The blockchain is a transparent and incorruptible ledger of (digital) economic transactions. It can be used not only to track financial records, but to monitor the movement of almost everything worth value. The innovation is transformational and can expand change across the dividers of an organization.    The information structure of blockchain is such that it can make records of advanced exchange. This record does not rest with a singular supplier but is shared among a disseminated network of PCs. Futran Solutions has created a long pool of diverse talent in block chain wherein we can provide a range of services to various industries.   

BlockChain Stratergy Assessment

It is important to understand which strategy works best when implementing or integrating blockchain into a business process. Blockchain strategy assessment professionals are responsible for development, testing, and deployment of sustainable blockchain strategies.    

BlockChain Development

There just aren’t enough blockchain developers if you look for them traditionally. Futran Solutions brings to you a pool of blockchain developers that are ready to take on professional challenges.

BlockChain Solutions

Futran Solutions provides industry specific solutions for blockchain. This includes loyalty management, letter of credit, energy trading, etc.

BlockChain Integration

Blockchain integration starts with prototype building to tackle a specific business problem on typical DLT platforms. Integration professionals build a limited simulator that emulate a core bank system for a given application.

BlockChain Testing

Once a blockchain prototype is built, it needs to be tested for strength, purpose, and rigidity. Blockchain testing professionals and quality analysts excel at finding present and future loopholes in working processes.



The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world.

Why Futran Solutions

Domain Expertise

Futran Solutions has been working with clients in the blockchain industry for a number of years now. We know what kind of talent is required by companies for their specific operations in blockchain.

Knowledge of BLOCK CHAIN

Our technical team has thorough knowledge of blockchain protocols and keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry. This allows us to serve blockchain talent requirements better than our competitors.

Positive Client Feedback

The singular reason that separates Futran Solutions from a pack of other companies is the volume of positive client feedback that we have received in the past.

Competitive Rates

Futran Solutions provides services at the most competitive industry rates. We give you a clear picture of what you achieve against every unit of consulting cost.

Engagement Model

To extend the most comprehensive block chain personnel requirements to clients in diverse industries:


Our chief offices are located onshore for seamless engagement with clients in their suitable time zones. The head representatives of most departments are based onshore for smooth communication with clients.


For 24/7 service and testing functionality, we have development centers located in offshore time zones. This is a flexible model of engagement that enhances production capacity. This engagement model also works well for global products, wherein the QA and testing can be carried out from a number of geographies.

Near Shore

To suit the convenience of clients, the teams/vendors are located in concurrent/nearby time zones. This model works perfectly when clients need a match between time zones and low-cost development.

Fixed Price

The fixed price engagement model works well when the scope of work is predefined. Under this engagement model, the client service representative gives a fixed price after minutely studying the project requirements.

Time & Material

The time and material model of engagement works perfectly for long running projects where the scope of development may change during the development cycle of the project. For long-running projects, we try and allocate the same teams/resources to handle the project from start to finish to maintain consistency in deliveries and testing standards.

Call or write to us today with your blockchain talent needs and a representative with be with you shortly.