Digital Marketing




Digital Marketing by Futran Solutions goes above and beyond the
traditional, helping brands rise above the fold with latest technologies
and on-demand innovation.

Link Building

The most important technique in long-term SEO, Futran gains links back to your website from multiple channels

Monthly SEO Task

Our team carefully selects & places together a pack of small SEO tasks, which combine to make a big difference every month

On Page SEO

From image optimization to keyword density and meta tags to inline CSS, we leverage on every factor that contributes to On Page SEO

Work Process

  • Planning

  • Research

  • Optimizing

  • Results

Web Analytics Services

Meaningful analysis of web traffic optimizes results for all businesses from niche blogs to ecommerce giants. Futran helps clients discover deeper insights with integrated multi-channel reports that always inform and never overwhelm


Real Time Analytics

On-demand and real-time analytics break down consumer interaction with a business to the last unit right as it happens. With such highly specific information on factors like time, geography and interest, Futran helps you make better informed business decisions powered by real-time data.

Online Marketing

Next-gen online marketing starts at identifying user interests around both conventional and unconventional online platforms. Futran blends edgy creatives with the latest technologies so your business stands out and loud from the competition.

Digital Ads

Futran creates peppy digital ad creatives that connect with core user emotions and nestle your brand in the hearts and minds of the potential consumer base. Right from brainstorming creatives to accurately measuring performance, our digital team does it all for you!

Content Marketing

Relevant and voluminous content is key to establishing topical authority with search engines. Our diversely experienced content team produces informative content around specific topics to shoot your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Futran understands social media inside out. We identify as social media consumers first and then social media marketers – a trait that helps us connect to real consumer interest points in our social media posts and creatives. All social media posts and ads are accompanied by the requisite reporting.

SEO Optimized Web Design & Development

SEO starts much before the first code is written and continues way beyond deployment. Futran walks the entire journey fo you so you can concentrate on other important business areas

SEO Content

Informative content that is liked by users and smiled upon by the search engines

Mobile Optimizing

Websites that move like breeze on every screen size, including mobiles and tablets

SSL Certificate Included

We value privacy – an SSL certificate is symbolic of both security and user trust

System Integration

We synchronize all system components so they work in harmony to bring you results