Data Analytics


Data is driving the world. What once seemed like an information overload is now being channeled into useful insights that can predict events in the next year, month, day and hour. An increasing number of companies are leveraging data and analytics as core values in their digital transformation journeys. Right from galvanizing marketing strategies to enhancing process speeds with AI implementation across processes, almost every organization has a genuine shot at furthering business ends and building up revenue. As exciting as the opportunities appear, making sense of the whole lot can also be tremendously demanding.

Futran Solutions helps organizations close in on the gap between backdoor analyses and genuine outcome predictions. With machine learning and predictive analysis working in tandem, companies feel more empowered than ever to monetize insightful data trends and embrace change.  

Conducting business processes efficiently is subject to landing the best information sets at the best times. To our collective disadvantage, all these sets of information live in spreadsheets, system, applications, and databases that have never really ‘socialized’. There’s always a point where employees and often entire teams hit the breaking point with planet-sized spreadsheets.  

With interactive dashboards, it is way easier to extract crucial information that helps stakeholders drive more profit. It’s more like making better use of your existing Are you ready to see better returns from your Tableau, Spotfire or Microsoft Power BI licenses. Futran works with analytics consultants and dashboard designers that are experts in data integration, application management, and visualization.   Futran helps you successfully take on some of your most vital business questions with the help of answers and insights that lay hidden inside of your data. Further, we help you make good on the insights with the help of self-service analytics, interactive and powerful visualizations. To streamline the process, the end data is presented in a simple so that it can be shared with teams and colleagues.  

With a composite and well-stitched portfolio of analytics services knitted by Futran Solutions, you can hit the ground running and then accelerate at your own pace with your digital transformation journey. We help you ride on the back of a no-gains-too-many partner system to keep leveraging on investments while working on analytics solutions for the future. 


Advanced data analytics

AI Analytics​

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Our team works with bleeding-edge machine learning and rule-based algorithms, prescriptive and predictive analytics. This helps our customers forecast threats and opportunities in their business way before their competitors, placing them at a position of significant strategic advantage.

  • AI Analytics

    There’s always brownie points in technological rat-races for spotting patterns and dependencies that others might haplessly ignore. Futran does it with machine learning, deep learning, functioning probabilistic model and extensive data experimentation.

Data Visualization

Data management

  • Data Visualization

    To further the tracking interests of organizations, Futran Solutions offers custom reports and dashboards to help companies easily track their KPIs, monitor progress, spot important trends, and ensure users only get to deal with data that is role-relevant and not unnecessarily imposing.
  • Data Management

    Our custom data governance action plans help develop rules and policy sets that guarantee the high quality of data as well as immaculate sets of master data and metadata. Our team also expertly handles data migration issues and fully understands how important data must be handled.

Big data sciences

Business Intelligence

  • Big Data Sciences

    To help our clients realize the full potential buried in their big data sack, Futran offers end-to-end services in Big Data. Our team is armed to the teeth with a range of technologies including but not exclusive to Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Apache Cassandra, MLib, Apache Kafka and many more.

  • Business Intelligence

    If you need to put into place an enterprise-wide BI strategy or an in need of advice to help your team put such a strategy in place, we are happy to share our professional advice with you. We can also guide you into reaping more out of the flexibility of Business Intelligence.

Business Analytics

Futran leverages on information management and advanced analytical capabilities to knead every bit of value out of data that matters. This allows us to extract insights at the very speed of business and further improve upon business outcomes.

We are invariably in tune with the new generation of big data and analytics to further IT and organizational goals so that every process in your business remains a relevant factor in enhancing ROI.

Our team is invariably in tune with the latest and newest generation of big data and analytics trends. This allows us to propel every business process including IT into profitability, making the ground ready for reformed organizational goals.


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Dashboards and reports pruning

The advent of better and more factual corporate working environment helps managers do away with all guesswork and make better-informed decisions for their teams and the business as a whole. Futran metes out ready-to-use reports and enhanced data infrastructure for self-service analytics.

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Cutting down reporting lags

With the ever-increasing dependence on timely analytics, we help organizations measure up to both regular as well as ad hoc reporting, helping businesses feel and see results in real time. Real-time reporting also cuts down on the threat of having to repeat a lengthy process from start to finish.

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Optimized use of business intelligence must possess the ability to dish out the full platter of threats and opportunities on demand. That is what stresses upon the value of razor-sharp data integration, ruling out any chance of slowness as inept for business productivity, however big or unstructured the data might be.