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How we do it

At Futran Solutions, we make extensive use of the Agile-DevOps development methodology for application development.

The Agile methodology works best to assist teams in software products with flexible itineraries. Under Agile methodology, we work with iterative and incremental sequences called sprints. The best part about this methodology is that each sprint can be directly controlled and assigned by clients!

Application Development
360° Approach
Application Development at Futran Solutions is defined by the following nodes of expertise:

Before zooming into full-scale development, we create a skeletal prototype and design that gives you an insight into what the end software product will look like. Prototyping makes implementation alterations a lot easier than making changes to the software at later stages of development.

Prototyping and Design

Most of our custom and industry-oriented applications are developed for mobiles. The dedicated mobile development team takes care of application development for all popular platforms including iOS, Android, and Amazon!


A large chunk of user queries are challenged through the web and having a web app is always viewed as a plus for business. Our dedicated front end and web development teams have years of experience developing responsive web APIs and apps.

Web App Development

App testing is one of the most important parts of mobile app development. This is where any bug (error) in the written code is identified and sent back to the development team for debugging.

Mobile App Testing

Once the app is built, our team can deploy it on the app store. Years of app deployment experience helps us fill out every field meticulously, inviting the highest chance of acceptance.

App Store Deployment

Ongoing support for debugging and enhancements is absolutely essential if you want users to stay hooked to your app. Our dedicated support team is always ready to step in should any such requirement arise.


It is important to maintain and if necessary, upgrade the app with every new software (or OS) upgrade. Our app development team swiftly manages the app maintenance part for dozens of happy clients.




Powered by built-in analytics and cognitive solutions, Automation Anywhere offers a composite RPA platform. The enterprise grade solution is also one of the most sophisticated Digital Workforce Platforms available.


The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world.


Hydrogen is building the global financial platform of the Web 3.0. The platform allows developers around the globe to build and deploy sophisticated fintech applications in just minutes!


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Why Futransolutions

Here’s why you will be hard-pressed to find an app development company as efficient as Futran Solutions:
Business Focus

At the heart of our entire app development process is the focus to drive more energy to your business. Our team understands how important the app can be to your business and acts responsibly to help you achieve your commercial and business ends.

Holistic Approach
Success if only possible when all business processes fall in sync and work in harmony. We work with a holistic approach to make sure every aspect of the apps we make function with seamlessness.

Quality in application development is achieved with a mix of talent acquisition, effortless management, deadline-oriented workflow, and innovative problem-solving. Thankfully, Futran has you covered on all those grounds.  

Extensive Experience

To further our app development processes, we work with a team of highly experienced developers, app testers, and project managers.