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RUSH (Rare and Unique Skills for Hire)

At times, projects are delayed due to non-availability of certain rare or unique skills. Futran understands this need and offers a service called “RUSH” to counter this delay. Futran has built a highly scalable full service recruitment engine and multilevel training facilities to deliver our clients seeking RUSH skills to meet their project deadlines. The following are the technologies we have worked with our clients.

Futran is closely working with its clients by supporting them in technologies that are rare and unique. Futran provides the resumes of professionals with rare and unique technologies within 24 to 48 hours. Also Futran arranges training in the rarest technologies in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • ● CTI
  • ● Liferay
  • ● Guidewire
  • ● Ducktree
  • ● Splunk
  • ● Spark
  • ● HPCC/ECL
  • ● MS Project Server
  • ● WhereSpace
  • ● Magento
  • ● Apache Cassandra
  • ● Jitterbit
  • ● Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • ● Pervasive
  • ● CDAP…And many more.