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Futran is known for its individually custom designed solutions which are tailored for insurance and re-insurance business needs, keeping in mind risk management and capital strategies for our clients.

Our clients are benefited with setting and protection of retention levels, enhancing the efficiency of re-insurance programs and adding to the strength of our client’s capital structure.



Digital Insurance

Opportunities and threats come hand in hand in this digital age. Customers are even more demanding; competition in the market is decked up with radical ideas simplified by legacy systems. Disruptions are a part of the business strategy life cycle.

Digital Insurance Providers (DIP) are framing the flow of digital technologies to re-evaluate and conceptualize their business strategies and seal the opportunities of a flexible marketplace. Innovative customer experiences have been created through re-introduced combinations of information, digital technologies and business resources. Futran helps them take a customer-centric view of the organization and use new and innovative products, strategies and solutions to create new revenues.

Business Process Services (BPS)

Futran Solutions offers proven BPS methodology to clients to accelerate their business performance and enhance decision making. We transform the business processes by process automation, cloud based infrastructure and BI.


Insurance Analytics

Policies, Premiums, Claims and Payouts - every transaction is a data ripe for detail analysis and action. Futran Solutions makes those abilities available to insurance provider to predict trends, identify pattern of fraud and to explore the data in real time so that client can react to changes faster.

Churn Management

Targeting the right audience is the most important aspect impacting the churn rate reduction. By categorizing on multiple dimensions, our solution provides the right tools to plan, organize and analyze your approach towards targeting the right audience. Our methods stand on Business Libraries, Proven modeling methods and well-built technical components.