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Our Human Resource Solutions have significantly helped small and local to large Multinational clients around the world at every level of HR strategy development which then escalate towards fulfillment.

Our expertise in specialized recruitment and knowledge of search and management of individuals and large workforces could bring a very positive impact to your business. Conversion of high level HR strategies into functional people management plans is our up selling point for our large clients while our human resource solutions provide successful growth of business and a competitive advantage for smaller clients.



HR Consulting

At Futran, we offer Human Resource solutions along with consulting services for development and management of your workforce. They include, complete understanding of services like salary surveys, incentive systems and compensation policies. Futran Solutions promotes and performs activities of studies and researches on topics regarding the world of work and the management and valorization of human resources using interdisciplinary and comparative methods.

HR Administration

Our Human Resource Solutions are tailored and managed by highly experienced professionals keeping in mind the compliance with strict legal regulations in effect and the maintenance of high standards of confidentiality. Further providing solutions revolve around payroll activity such as managing transportation, attendance, expenses, budget, and HR management.