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Futran solutions, with its extensive experience has been providing end to end services to world’s major financial institutions and leading domestic and global banks. Futran’s philosophy is to optimize results by providing quality, cost effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Today, Financial Services industry is facing major challenges due to strict regulatory standards and rising costs of regulatory compliance, as well as threats such as rising cybercrime and growing global competition.

Futran understands these challenges and provides services which continuously enhance and improve current systems and financial practices.



Investment Banking

Providing services and resources in investment banking is the strongest forte of Futran Solutions. Our diverse team includes Business Analysts, Domain Experts and Technical Leads which helps our partners by offering tremendous experience and understanding of investment banking operations.

Futran partners with leading investment banks and financial services firms across the globe, assisting them to take a more tactical approach to their trading processes. With our proven expertise in these areas, we have helped our clients achieve reduced costs of operations with improved service and higher profit margins.

Our proven experience in capital markets & investment banking encompasses all areas including:

  • ● Pre–Trade
  • ● Trade
  • ● Post-Trade
  • ● Asset Classes
  • Retail Banking

    Our Retail and Wholesale Banking division adheres to current and innovative solutions in retail banking. We engage in providing technological needs, consultancy and business process sourcing services across various lines of business within the bank. Our team has widespread banking experience with multiple lines of business.

    We provide our services in following retail banking areas.

  • ● Payments
  • ● Cards Technology & Operations
  • ● Loans Origination & Processing
  • ● Mobile & Digital Transformation
  • ● Core Banking Transformation
  • ● Business Analytics
  • ● Risk & Compliance
  • retail

    Wealth Management

    Futran has been an active provider of Wealth Management services by offering a wide variety of skills and experiences. We also provide services to mutual fund companies and private wealth managers. We provide expertise in Multiple Asset Management products and platforms.

    Futran Solutions has recognized expertise across multiple asset classes including fixed income, equities, derivatives, currencies, structured products, alternative investments, commodities, precious metals and real state.

    Our Wealth Management practices covers functional areas such as:

  • ● Portfolio management
  • ● Asset servicing
  • ● Investment & fund accounting
  • ● Compliance & reporting
  • Risk & Compliance

    Futran understands the recent trends in regulatory compliance in the areas of risk, AML and KYC. We have specialized personnel who are trained in the regulatory and risk domain with hands on experience in implementation of regulatory rules such as Basel, CCAR, Dodd Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley.

    Tighter credit markets require greater emphasis on IT governance and risk compliance. Leading Financial institutions and banks count on us for effective risk management solutions across their operations in credit risk, operational risk and market risk.


    Our extensive experience in the area of credit risk management services and IT governance covers the entire risk management lifecycle including:

  • ● Systematizing and implementing the integrity of rating methodologies
  • ● Netting client and transaction details
  • ● Maintaining and monitoring limits centrally in real-time
  • ● Extraction and Storage of external and internal data
  • ● Messaging and payment (cross-border) solutions
  • ● Enabling Basel-II, III calculations
  • ● Implementation of Dodd Frank and CCAR for larger banks
  • ● Generating pre-defined and adhoc reports