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Futran Approach

As business conditions change dynamically, a prompt adaption and ability to meet your brand’s promise is a driving factor. It is time to finally break the ice of traditional methodologies, and innovate your business strategies with complete new business process integration. Let us help you see above and beyond the horizon of innovation with our insights, expertise and capabilities.



Brand Portal Development

We are experts in designing and implementing Brand Portals for showcasing branded products and increasing their sales values with our cloud based online portal.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Futran Solutions has enabled efficient ways to enrich the warehouse process and costs to increase the profitability of the clients. Our solutions accomplish Overstock and Out Of Stocks (OOS) with effective inventory management applications.


Predictive Analytics

Advance Analysis allows the client to discover trends and patterns. Futran’s predictive analysis enables the client to gain deeper insight of their business processes and help them to utilize their resource in a finest way.