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How we do it?

It is often challenging to keep pace with ever changing business requirements. But you can avoid getting overwhelmed and function with greater reliability, resilience, and agility with the right IT Consulting.

At Futran Solutions, we make use of the Futran Slice approach for consulting services. Under this approach, we treat each business process as an individual slice and deal with it one at a time. This approach makes sure every business process gets equal attention and helps us create the most composite client experience there is.

User Experience

Every client and consultant at Futran Solutions is guided with utmost precision and personalization. Our executives make sure each journey with Futran Solutions ends at the right destination.

Data Analytics

Our extensive use of technology in data analysis helps us return to you with the best results always. Access to larger data bases helps us find you the right talent or organization even faster.

Process Automation

Each process of our IT consulting operations is automated from start to finish. This irons out any scope of lag or delay in the process.

Data visualization

Data visualization is an important means to accentuate important data that might attract lesser eyeballs in simple text form. We make extensive use of data visualization tools like tables, graphs, and patterns to help you view important data in the right perspective.

Cloud Management

Competitive edge is only gained with use and application of bleeding edge technology. Our team is adept at all components of cloud management including automation, security, performance monitoring, cost management, governance, and compliance.

Why Futran Solutions

Here is what makes Futran Solutions is your one-stop solution architecture for IT Consulting:

Business Focus

Our keen focus on business makes our company a revered name in the industry with hundreds of satisfied clients.

Holistic Approach

We deal with our consultants on a multi-dimensional level. A holistic approach allows us to keep the happiness index high all the time with all the parties involved.


As old school as it may sound, nothing beats quality when it comes to making a difference in work culture and goals. At Futran Solutions, we place quality atop all other priorities.

Extensive Experience

Futran Solutions has been in the IT consulting business for over a decade now. Our team has the experience that is needed to manage growing workforce and diverse talent requirement in an industry that thrives on change and adaptability.

More than 7 Years
of Experience

We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.




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