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Data is growing at a staggering pace !! The problem for your organization today isn’t that you don’t have enough data…in fact, you have too much data, in too many forms across too many sources both inside and outside your organization. This “Data Deluge” prevents you from getting to the genuine insights and how these can be applied in a systematic and repeatable way to impact your business.
Futran Solutions ‘Integrate’ Big Data Science services which help your organization assemble and shapes your data from diverse sources in ways that help you ask meaningful questions and diagnose your most urgent needs – today.
Futran Solutions ‘Integrate’ Big Data Science services enable your organization to focus on learning and acting on the data instead of investing valuable time and expertise assembling and shaping the data and our Machine Learning solutions go beyond describing the present realities of your business and gives you a probabilistic view into the alternative realities of tomorrow. Futran infuses the power of intelligent algorithms, real-time, into your business processes, ensuring every decision brings you closer to the most optimal business outcome possible.
In the future, robotic process automation and forms of machine intelligence will become increasingly amalgamated. Different technologies can be used side by side to perform the same task because of their ability to complement one another.
Futran combination of deep data sciences expertise and a high clock speed professional services model delivers Futran Solutions..able results at an unprecedented pace.Complex data science solutions need to be wrapped inside intuitive interfaces and visualizations to drive business impact. No matter how good an answer is, if you can’t understand it, communicate it and act on it, then it will not lead to business impact.Futran Solutions Activate Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Visualization services are where the art of visual communication meets the science of quantitative analytics, allowing you to communicate massive amounts of information and insights in a way that compels your organization to take the right actions at the right time.

Functional Areas we support:

Machine Learning

Big Data Solutions

Data Science Solutions

Data Visualization (Tableau ,Spotfire ,SAP HANA & Qlikview)

Predictive Analysis


Spark , Scala ,HIve, Mapreduce ,Kafka


Data Analytics

Hadoop Clusters





Statistical Analysis (JMP,SAS)

Apache Spark


Jobs we staff:

Big Data Architect

Data Scientist

Data Science Engineer

Hadoop Solutions Architect

Hadoop/Spark Engineer

Hadoop / Scala / Spark Developer

Big Data BI Architect

Data Visualization Expert

Tableau/ QlikView Developer

R Developer

Machine Learning Engineer

Cloudera Developer/Admin

Hadoop Developer/ Admin


Scala Developer

Hadoop ETL Developer

Hadoop Java Developer

Hadoop Tester

Hadoop Engineer