Futran adds a fresh breath of commitment and responsibility across the breadth of IT solutions implementation.

Our Mantra: Customer First

There are two ways to look at customers. The first is transactional and the second is transformational. Our value system places the customer atop every other priority, prioritizing transformation over transaction. 

At Futran, our foremost commitment is to meet client expectations, while striking excellence every time we deliver on projects. Superior quality and competent cost are potent hallmarks of Futran service. Every time you do a project with us, we positively impact your return on  investment. 

Our Motto: Unrelenting Excellence

All great teams are built on principles that endure the test of time. We hold the values of diversity, inclusion, equality of opportunity dear to our hearts. Employees and consultants working with Futran find equal opportunity with respect to their nationalities, ethnicities and genders.  

Paying fair compensation to our employees is an integral part of the Futran ethos. Along with that, we provide them with conducive working conditions, so they can work collectively to achieve larger organizational goals while keeping abreast of the highest ethical standards.  


Blending Advanced Analytics and Automation to empower clients in their journey toward digital transformation


At Futran Solutions, our vision is to provide clients innovative, futuristic, and top-league solutions in IT Services.


To be the global partner of choice in the domains of Business Intelligence, CRM, Cloud, Mobility and Software Validation.

Fly with Futran

We don’t just hire employees, we empower partnerships with them. Working with us guarantees that you will work with the following advantages:

  • Supportive and accommodative team
  • Strict adherence to best practices
  • Agile workflow implementation
  • Comprehensive and adaptable solutions
  • Impeccable execution capabilities
Our Work

We go by two T’s - Trust and Technology


Service, Integrity, and Excellence


Over 200,000 lives touched in 10 years

Our Platforms

Our Team

Krishna Vemuri


Anil Vazirani

Chief Executive Officer

Jyoti Vazirani


Narayan Ravisetti

Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Financial Officer

Darshan Patil

Chief Technology Officer