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We have seen quite a long history of development and evolution in Artificial Intelligence. AI and machine learning, together have the potential to take our creative capacity beyond our personal creative energy.
The blockchain is a transparent and incorruptible ledger of (digital) economic transactions. It can be used not only to track financial records, but to monitor the movement of almost everything worth value.
MEAN is a stable set of JavaScript frameworks that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. MEAN stack is used for building scalable, functional and agile applications promptly and efficiently.
Futran Solutions works with an in-house team of full stack application developers. This puts us in good stead when it comes to understanding application development needs of clients.
Futran Solutions mixes profound information sciences aptitude with high talent delivery speeds. The simplicity of processes help us solve complex talent needs at the fastest speeds.
Futran Solutions offers permanent and comprehensive staffing in cybersecurity. The IT team carefully studies the business needs of our clients and gives them an elevated presentation of the kind of cybersecurity talent they deserve.

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They proactively deal with our IT foundation and reliably give fantastic administration and proposals. This has given us a level of technology up gradation . They center around the data frameworks expected to help our tasks and providing quality and effective resources. They are client centric with strong understanding of the movement of technology taking place around the various verticals of the industries.

Terrence Clarke
President and CEO at The New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

I would like to thank Futran Solutions for their professionalism and for always being on time with the tight deadlines I had in the past for my project. Even over the weekends the team is available with the project delivery. You and the team had impressed me with the ability to articulate difficult concepts into designs. I consider this a long term collaboration and I’m very grateful for the fantastic job you all had done.

Veronica Garcia
CEO/ Founder of BitLumens, Robots, Blockchain and Clean Technologies Advocate



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